Reasons for using Cleaned Up Cans

It's Easy

Signing up is all you have to do.  No hoses, no mess, just results.

Eco Friendly

We collect the contaminated water, use a 17 stage filtration process, and then properly dispose of the filtered grey water.

We Care

We are local.  We care about our neighbors, neighborhoods, and environment.


Oh the joy of being A-OK with opening the lid of your trash can.

Common Excuses for not using Cleaned Up Cans

Many people say "That's ridiculous to hire someone to clean a trash can.  I'll just do it myself."  Below are methods and reasons why you shouldn't.

= Normally involves using chemicals that go into our stormwater system

=Uses large amounts of water

=Requires crawling into the smelly can to scrape off gunk.

=Not truly clean & sanitized

DIY Garden Hose & Chemicals  Cleaning Method


=Pressurized water going into a container is a bad idea unless you like wearing what you are cleaning

=Most pressure washers don't use steaming hot water

=Runoff pollutes our storm drains

DIY Pressure Washer w/wand  Cleaning Method



– Holding your breath every time you take out the trash

– Your trash can holds more germs and bacteria than public toilets.

– Stinks up your whole garage

     DIY Do Nothing      Cleaning Method