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Pressure Washing / Surface Cleaning

Power Washing Lawrence KS
Surface Cleanig Lawrence KS

Cleaned Up Cans isn't only about cleaning trash cans.  We offer full service cleaning and sanitizing of many other things.  We have the same capabilities as pressure washing only companies. With our onboard vacuum and specialized cleaning wand, we also have the unique ability to do interior surface cleaning (garages!).  Our specialty surface cleaner washes and vacuums up the dirty water without it spreading to places where it shouldn't.


30% cheaper than other local companies

Using our high efficiency surface cleaner, leaving only a clean driveway with no zebra stripes

Price per car spaces (10x20ft)

1-2  = $115

(Most Common) 3-4  = $165

4-6  = $205

6+  = Contact Us

Inside Garage

only ones in town to offer this service

Using our specialized floor washer to clean and vacuum out the dirty water.  

No overspray.

per garage space (10x20ft)



sidewalks need loving too  We do curbs as well

using our high efficiency surface cleaner, leaving only a clean surface with no zebra stripes

per 25 linear ft. x 4 ft. wide



Patios, Decks, Fencing, Pool Decks & Furniture

We can wash almost anything, but we know when and what we shouldn't.

Contact us for a quote.





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