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About Us

We are Kyle and Lori Bartel, two individuals with a passion for cleanliness — cleanliness makes us happy. (Dogs make us happy too!)  As property managers in Lawrence for many years, we have seen how much a clean living space can improve lives and happiness and dirtiness and bad smells can ruin them.  

In summer, we spend much of our time in our garage, it's our hub to outside life.  We enter our house through the garage, store our kid's toys, and store our vehicles in the garage.  As most people do, we keep our garbage cans in the garage as it is the most convenient place for them. However, with that convenience comes the smell. After scouring the internet for a solution we found that trash can cleaning businesses have been in Europe for years and are just now taking off in the USA.  After a year of deliberation, Cleaned Up Cans was founded in 2018.

 Ultimately, we started Cleaned Up Cans not only earn a living but to help bring happiness and cleanliness to others.

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